Why Ranveer Singh can mesmerise a crowd like no one else


I have seen quite a few celebs promote their wares at malls but no one can quite generate a hysteria like Ranveer Singh as I witnessed yesterday at Oberoi mall.

I am leaving out SRK and Salman from the debate as they are now our ageing superstars. Ranveer has a legion of fans cutting across the spectrum and both young and old alike trooped in hordes to watch the actor in flesh and blood at an event yesterday evening. And they waited patiently for an hour for their star to arrive and then screamed their lungs out for the next one hour as Ranveer took the mall by storm doing what he is best at- dancing, singing and kissing. Many love him, only a few hate him but none can ignore him. And on most occassions, he comes, he sees and he conquers.

And what makes Ranveer unique and a crowd favourite as compared to actors from his generation? He knows how to entertain and he is spontaneous. Who else will think playing catch-catch with the crowd using ice cubes.

He can dance and make others groove as well. 

He climbs railings to greet his admirers. And when the crowd goes mad, he goes madder. One crazy fan who grabbed maximum attention yesterday looked to be a mall employee who with his high pitched voice screamed Deepika Deepika. Ranveer didn’t quite mind and when both came face to face while Ranveer was mingling with the crowd, it was madness personified. As tunes Bajirao Mastani played in the background, both indulged in some sort of a wild celebration with animated faces -the fan showing off his mad love and Ranveer reciprocating in kind. The duo almost head banged in delirious joy.

He loves clicking selfies and is perfect at framing the right one  

And like an SRK, Ranveer hugs like he means it. And he kisses like he super means it. I have been the recipient of one when on one occasion after finishing his bytes he happened to say as an afterthought – Not many people like me for the things that I do. By things he meant his crazy antics. I said, ‘Never change. We all love you the way you are as it comes straight from your heart.” Phir kya, Ranveer walked straight up to me and kissed. Infact, given his propensity to kiss both on and off the screen, he could well be the new kisser boy in town.





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