My first ever interview with a Malayalam actor – Kavya Madhavan


The first thing that Kavya Madhavan asked me after the conclusion of an unusually long press conference in Mumbai was ‘ You are a Malayalee, no?’

I asked if it was my accent that made her say so. ‘No’, she said and continued, ‘I thought all questions would be addressed to Adoor sir and Subodh Bhave and no one would be interested in me here in MumbaiĀ until you started asking me questions right at the very beginning. I felt jittery at the start and then felt only a Malayalee would be interested in asking me something so early into the presser.

Prior to the interview, I rang a few of my hardcore Mallu friends to brush up on my knowledge about Kavya. Unfortunately, they had nothing much to offer. So I turned to my trusted ally ‘ google’, did some research and was ready to shoot. While the interview went off like a breeze, what I was worried about was asking her questions about her personal life. ( She is divorced from her hubby) Not knowing her, I was not sure how to ask until a thread in the interview allowed me to put across the query. When Kavya started discussing about the concept of romance in her film, Pinneyum, I waited patiently for her to finish before asking, ” What about romance in your life? Do you believe in second chances?”

The colour on her face drained out and she quizzed me, ” Romance in my life..As in professional or personal.”

‘Personal’, I replied.

She said ‘Hainnn”(Bachchan saab style). Looked here and there just to imply uncomfort before answering, ‘ Of course I do. I am also a human being.”

A few questions later, we shook hands and clicked a picture and waved goodbye.






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